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1A- EML Speed log
14A- GDS101
20A- GDF201
35A- GDS102
37A- Echosounder transducers
41A- Repeaters
66A- Doppler Speed Log
68A- Mechanical parts
89System not working -no life on screenSelect
97No NMEA outputSelect
98The Graphic system Shows C:> on screenSelect
99Parts of display system stop workingSelect
104Wrong part sent because of insuffisient labelingno confirmed error data
113Black Screen, No VGA outputSelect
130A - ETT985 Tester
133NMEA wrong number of decimalsno confirmed error data
138A- Compact system-CD401XX-SB
144A- DL1S
146Screen freezes in CD401XX-XAno confirmed error data
147Screen freezes in CD401XX-XBno confirmed error data
no confirmed error data