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A- GDS101 Diagnostics 14
73System looses its settings on power upno confirmed error data
16Back light defectiveSelect
17Transceiver voltage too lowSelect
18Loosing bottomSelect
19Printer problemno confirmed error data
32No function on any keys or buttonsno confirmed error data
39Ocational rebootingSelect
46Unradable pictureSelect
54System crash, picture freezes, (prob CPU)Select
57Burned components on Terminal PCBSelect
88Serial problems on graphic display.no confirmed error data
102"Screen black" NMEA output to repeaters OK.no confirmed error data
103Too much bottom signalno confirmed error data
108Encoder does not workSelect
120Some of the keys on the keyboard are not functioningSelect
121No bootSelect
127Unit is unintentionally switching to simulation modeno confirmed error data
129The GDS101 status screen 9 TCVR voltage is low but not less than 10V in deep waterSelect
132Error printing sw 5.05.16 EPSON D88Select
136Stripes on internal screen, or no colourSelect