data/Additional installation Documents

Installation procedures and TestDocument templates that can be used for testing of newly installed equipment
Hatsat GDS102C - Rev01.DOC
hatsat gds101.DOC
Dry Dock Installation Document Speed log 30 1 2013.docWarranty registration and dock installation documentation required for HATSAT
Dry Dock HAT SAT Installation Document Echosounder 18.10.2016.docHarbour and Sea test procedure and results form for All SKIPPER Echosounders. Note there is also a Procedure to be performed in Dry dock.
hatsat general speed log.21.05.2014.docHarbour and Sea test procedure and results form for All SKIPPER Doppler Speed logs. Note there is also a Procedure to be performed in Dry dock.
Factory Acceptance Test FAT
FAT DL1S Doppler Sensor.pdfTypical FAT Report available on request for all DL1 Single Axis Doppler Sensor varients
FAT CD401 Compact Display.pdfTypical FAT Report available on request for all CD401 Compact display varients
Old versions
hatsat eml224.DOC
hatsat dl850.DOC
installation drawings.pdf installation drawings and 3D models
JB70D21 Electronic unit for DL21
JB70D21-SA mounted on wall.PDF
DL2SG_DL21SG Multi 100mm sensors
DL21SG-SA-1414A Outline Drawing w-Wiring ST 2014-07-02.pdf
DL2SG-SA-1414A Outline Drawing w-Wiring- For manuals.PDF
CU-M001 PanelPC 9 Inch display
Cut out template for CU-M001-SA.PDFA 1:1 scale drawing of the required cut out and hole positioning. Print in A4 size and cut out the orange part. To be safe check one of the dimensions incase the scaling on your printer is not correct.
CU-M001-SA-1246 Multi - PanelPC 9inch touch display-deskmount 1.PDF
CU-M001-SA-1246 Multi- PanelPC 9 inch touch display-deskmount 2-3D PDF.PDF
CU-M001-SA-1246 Multi-PanelPC 9 inch display-deskmount 2-mechanical diagram.PDF
CU-M001-SA-1246 Multi - PanelPC 9inch touch display-deskmount 2.PDF
CU-M001-SA-1520 Outline drawing.PDF
CU-M001-SA-1246 Multi - PanelPC 9inch touch display-flushmount 1.PDF
JB70D1 Electronic unit for DL1-Multi
JB70D1-SA mounted on wall.PDF
CD402CU Compact control unit with LAN and plug
CD40X-XX-mounting order-ISO A4 Title Block (portrait).pdf
CD402CU-SC Compact display Basis module LAN, Plugs- 3D PDF.PDF
JB70D2 Electronic unit for DL2
Installation CAD filesCAD models in .dwg format for use with autocad or similar programs
Electronic units
JB50XX-XA Outline Drawing for Electronic units JB50 .dwg
DL850T(XX)-XX Cabinet 3D model.STEP
JB40XX-XA Outline Drawing for Electronic Unit JB40.DWG
JB60XX-XA Outline Drawing for Electronic Unit JB60 2012-03-28.DWG
JB70XX-XA-00 Outline Drawing for Electronic unit JB70.DWG
JB12 JB21 Outline Drawing for connection unit.DWG
Bottom Equipment
SB-3026-02 Customer only.dwgDesign Drawing of sensor housing for ETNSLJB sea valve. (part of part number DL850S)
ETNST TC-2002.dwgDesign File For ETNST Standard Steel tank for Echosounders
ETNSLJB Gate Valve Echo-02-100623 Customer only.dwg
ETN050G Dimensional drawings for SB-100-XX.DWGValid for ETN050G/XG/GI/XGI and ETN200SG/SXG/SGI/SXGI
TB-3008-Rev-00-Customer only.dwgDesign Drawing of ZZL-01019 Juntion box for echosounders
ETNSTCL tank with DL850S27G-SB Sensor TC-DL-01-02.dwg
SB-100-SB With Sensor in upper pos Customer version.STEP
TC-2009-Rev-02-Customer only.dwgDesign File for Sensor adapter for EML224ST or DL1ST
DL850S27-SB DL2S DL21S-Customers only 3D model.STEP
SB-60-SA with sensor in upper pos Customer version.STEP
DB-100-XB-1004A-01-Double Bottom Ball Valve-100216.dwg
DB-60-XA-Customer only.dwg
DL850S27 TC-2019.dwg
ETNSLB Gate Valve-850-01-100615 Customer only.dwg
DB-100-Rev-B-01-Customer only.dwg
ETNALC TC-2057.dwg
Display units_Repeaters
ENIR300PD-SA TB-3012-Rev-02.dwg
DL850T27-SB SC-2025-02-01.dwg
DL850D27-SD TB-3007-02-01-Dimensional Drawing.dwg
DL850 overview 270kHz SC-2024-03-01.dwg
MG-0001 Bracket-Assembly Customer only.dwg
EN101C EN102C DL850N D EML224N cabinet assy.STEP
ZZL-01019 TB-3008-Rev-00-Customer only.dwg
EN101C-SA TB-3007-02-01-Dimensional Drawing.dwg
DGR360 front plate GYRO REPEATER.dwg
EN101C-SA Front view.dwg
PL-8018-00 Flush Mounting Bracket for Cabinet 3D model.STEP
DL850N27-SD TB-3007-02-01-Dimensional Drawing.dwg
ENIR301-SA TB-3009-Rev-01.dwg
EN102C-SA TB-3007-02-01-Dimensional Drawing.dwg
IR30DIM-SA TB-3010.dwg
ENS518(Transducer Selector)-Customer only.dwg
EML224N-SA TB-3007-02-01-Dimensional Drawing.dwg
Internal SKIPPER
DP-01001-04 Label template for PCB.PDF
Multi series JB70, CD402,CU-M001
Wiring diagram for DL21 Multi CD-2038.DWG
Wiring diagram for DL1-multi CD-2036.DWG
CU-M001-SA-1520 Outline Drawing for 08.DWG
CU-M001-SA-1520 Outline drawing.DWG
CD-402CU-SC Compact display Basis module LAN, Plugs saved as part.SLDPRT
Wiring diagram for DL21 Sensor CD-2039.DWG
JB12 Outline CAD Drawing.DWG
CU-M001-SA-1246 Multi- PanelPC 9 inch touch display saved as part.SLDPRT
JB70D2-SA-00 Outline Drawing for 08.DWG
Wiring diagram for DL2 Multi CD-2037.DWG
JB70D21-00-SA saved as part.SLDPRT
JB70D2-SA saved as part.SLDPRT
JB70D1-SA saved as part.SLDPRT