data/Additional installation Documents/Installation CAD files

Bottom Equipment
DB-100-Rev-B-01-Customer only.dwg
DB-100-XB-1004A-01-Double Bottom Ball Valve-100216.dwg
DB-60-XA-Customer only.dwg
DL850S27 TC-2019.dwg
DL850S27-SB DL2S DL21S-Customers only 3D model.STEP
ETN050G Dimensional drawings for SB-100-XX.DWGValid for ETN050G/XG/GI/XGI and ETN200SG/SXG/SGI/SXGI
ETNALC TC-2057.dwg
ETNSLB Gate Valve-850-01-100615 Customer only.dwg
ETNSLJB Gate Valve Echo-02-100623 Customer only.dwg
ETNSTC TC-2002.dwgDesign File For ETNST Standard Steel tank for Echosounders
ETNSTCL tank with DL850S27G-SB Sensor TC-DL-01-02.dwg
ETNST TB-2002-Rev-00.dwgDesign File For ETNST Standard Steel tank for Echosounders
SB-100-SB With Sensor in upper pos Customer version.STEP
SB-3026-02 Customer only.dwgDesign Drawing of sensor housing for ETNSLJB sea valve. (part of part number DL850S)
SB-60-SA with sensor in upper pos Customer version.STEP
TB-3008-Rev-00-Customer only.dwgDesign Drawing of ZZL-01019 Juntion box for echosounders
TC-2009-Rev-02-Customer only.dwgDesign File for Sensor adapter for EML224ST or DL1ST
Display units_Repeaters
DGR360 front plate GYRO REPEATER.dwg
DL850 overview 270kHz SC-2024-03-01.dwg
DL850D27-SD TB-3007-02-01-Dimensional Drawing.dwg
DL850N27-SD TB-3007-02-01-Dimensional Drawing.dwg
DL850T27-SB SC-2025-02-01.dwg
EML224N-SA TB-3007-02-01-Dimensional Drawing.dwg
EN101C-SA Front view.dwg
EN101C-SA TB-3007-02-01-Dimensional Drawing.dwg
EN101C EN102C DL850N D EML224N cabinet assy.STEP
EN102C-SA TB-3007-02-01-Dimensional Drawing.dwg
ENIR300PD-SA TB-3012-Rev-02.dwg
ENIR301-SA TB-3009-Rev-01.dwg
ENS518(Transducer Selector)-Customer only.dwg
IR30DIM-SA TB-3010.dwg
MG-0001 Bracket-Assembly Customer only.dwg
PL-8018-00 Flush Mounting Bracket for Cabinet 3D model.STEP
ZZL-01019 TB-3008-Rev-00-Customer only.dwg
Electronic units
DL850T(XX)-XX Cabinet 3D model.STEP
JB12 JB21 Outline Drawing for connection unit.DWG
JB40XX-XA Outline Drawing for Electronic Unit JB40.DWG
JB50XX-XA Outline Drawing for Electronic units JB50 .dwg
JB60XX-XA Outline Drawing for Electronic Unit JB60 2012-03-28.DWG
JB70XX-XA-00 Outline Drawing for Electronic unit JB70.DWG
Internal SKIPPER
DP-01001-04 Label template for PCB.PDF
PCB Doc Req V1.0.pdf
Multi series JB70, CD402,CU-M001
CD-402CU-SC Compact display Basis module LAN, Plugs saved as part.SLDPRT
CU-M001-SA-1246 Multi- PanelPC 9 inch touch display saved as part.SLDPRT
CU-M001-SA-1520 Outline Drawing for 08.DWG
CU-M001-SA-1520 Outline drawing.DWG
JB12 Outline CAD Drawing.DWG
JB70D1-SA saved as part.SLDPRT
JB70D2-SA saved as part.SLDPRT
JB70D2-SA-00 Outline Drawing for 08.DWG
JB70D21-00-SA saved as part.SLDPRT
Wiring diagram for DL1-multi CD-2036.DWG
Wiring diagram for DL2 Multi CD-2037.DWG
Wiring diagram for DL21 Multi CD-2038.DWG
Wiring diagram for DL21 Sensor CD-2039.DWG