data/Software/DL1 - Software for CD402 Compact display and JB70 Unit

DL1 Customer change notes.docxNew Features in DL1 1.57 : Bug fixes to eliminate occasional crashing : Improvements on web page for calibration and setup : New bootloader version 0.53 made to eliminate occasional crashing : Improvement in calibration pages : Correction of calibration temperature compensating factors, this upgrade will require new calibration. : Distance, trip and total and trip reset are now transferred to DL2 in DL21 configuration allowing DL1 data to be logged and transmitted from DL2 when DL2 is in SOG only mode.
SW M001 2 3 R1.57 DL1 SW for JB70 CD402 display and DL1 Software version 1.57 for the DL1 Multi version (also DL1 in DL21) , This upgrade will probably require a new calibration, as temperature compensation is improved. Contains SW-M001-0.53 Bootloader upgrade for CD402; SW-M001-1.57 Software for CD402 DL1 Display ; SW-M003-0.53 Bootloader upgrade for JB70 unit ; SW-M003-1.57 Software for DL1 JB70 unit; SW-M002-105 Firmware for sensor upgrade.