data/Software/DL2 - Software for screen and JB70 Unit

DL2 Customer Release notes.pdfRelease notes, showing the main new features in the latest versions.
Instruction for upgrade.docxSome instruction for use with upgrade of DL1 DL2 and DL21 systems using the SKIPPER service software. It is important that the software version in the screen and the electronic unit match. If you are replacing 1 unit , check you have the same software version, and if not update the older part.
SW for DL2 1.1.1 (HF) w Software version 1.1.1 for DL2 with high frequency
- Changes in dual Display parallel version (requires long press to change and other bug fixes, for communication errors),
- Patch 2 for Total & Trip error (double distance error in previous versions)
- Patch 3 fix of loss of STW when passing North heading.
Patch 7 new filter and frequency changing algorithm and variuos bug fixes
latest version 17.06.2019
Package contains: 1) SW M004 for DL2 JB70 Unit, 2) SW M005 Graphic Display CU-M001-xx 3) SW M006 FW for DL2 Sensor with high frequency for sensor SN > 170373
Older Versions
DL2 Software version 1.0.13 patch 4 23.08.2016 with
DL2 Software version 1.0.13 patch 4 23.08.2016.zipSoftware version 1.0.13 (Patch 4) for DL21 & DL2,
Fixes to allow the DL21 DL2 part to work in SOG only mode, also improves STW values to be within spec.
Contains SW-M005- for CU-M001-xx Display, SW-M004- for JB70, SW-M006-2.14 for sensor.
Changes of to stabilise the system with high NMEA input loads.