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GDS Software upgrade instructions v5.05.09..pdf
GDS101 v 5 06 07.101GDS101, version 5.06.07 release notes 12th. November 2019 1. If HDT is present on the input, heading is displayed and stored in the history. 2. If VTG is presents on the input, COG is displayed and stored in the history. 3. If both VTG and HDT are present on the input – heading is being displayed and stored in the history.
Old softwares
GDS101 v 5 06 03.EXEGDS101, sw version 5.6.03 Release notes. 10.09.2018 1. The instance number is added to ALC message, if the alert is not in inactive state. 2. Invalid NMEA input will appear in yellow in sceen 8 and on top of run time screen.
GDS101 v 5 06 04.EXEGDS101, sw version 5.6.04 Release notes. 11.1.2019 1.During printing in playback mode the date of recording is being print ed. (Earlier the current date was printed) 2.Printer bug fix. The text data was never update after printer start 3.Reduced paper advance after stopping printing.
GDS101 v 5 06 05.EXEGDS101, sw version 5.6.05 Release notes. 14 MAR 2019
1. Removed GPS time out in HISTORY MODE
GDS101 v 5 06 06.101GDS101, sw version 5.6.06 Release notes. 30 Jul 2019
1. Reduced power is applicable to all channels when produced as RP versjon (Simrad)
GDS101 V5 05 12.101
GDS101 V5 05 13.EXE
GDS101 V5 05 16.EXEGDS 101 Software, with clearer indication of the depth being displayed on screen (DBT,DBS,DBK) and corrected NMEA alarm protocol, Remote NMEA key press and bug fix of remote keyboard (Build 7 under test)
GDS101 V5 05 17.101SW-G010-505.17(6) GDS 101 Software, Software version 5.05.17, March 2014 1. German text and abbreviations according to the list. 2. Semaphores – to avoid fonts conflicts (Report from Eva) 3. RS232 TX driver – missing byte problem fix. 4. The global ParamValueStr size increase to 120 byte – to avoid overflow 5. NMEA string text output change – for proper output of the messages with wrong checksum 6. Change of the Epson printer name 300->350 (Report from Eva) 7. Change of the position of the texts in the lower text line – to avoid overlap (Report from Eva) 8. Change of the font in the digital indicator – removed stripes. Software version 5.05.17, April 2014 (release 6) Fix of com 2 failure when rebooted with heavy input load Software version 5.05.17, June 2014 (release 7) number of characters accepted on NMEA input extended to 82 (from 79) to meet standard
GDS101 V5 06 01.EXESoftware update with changes for IEC62288:2014 and MSC302 (ALF alarm). See release file for details
GDS101 V5 06 01 Changes.docxChange notes for version GDS101 5.06.01
GDS101 V5 5 14.101
GDS101 V5 5 19.EXEGDS101, sw version 5.5.19. Release notes. 1. Deep and shallow alarms are separated. They have individual ID, NMEA sentence text field and timing of the change event. 2. Additional screen (number 11) has been added. It contains all alarm related functions. 3. Shallow alarm can be disabled by setting its value to 0. In this case the shallow alarm ALR message will not be sent on the NMEA output. Factory default is 0. 4. Deep alarm can be disabled by setting its value to max range (1600m). In this case the deep alarm ALR message will not be sent on the NMEA output. Factory default is max range. 5. CAT A / CAT B function added in “Screen 11”.The default alarm processing type is CAT A were “Shallow alarm” will only be silenced by external acknowledge. Acknowledged only local. 6. In CAT A Alarm relay is only “Power failure” alarm