data/Software/ESN200 - Software for ESN200 echosounder

ESN200 - Software for ESN200 echosounder 1.0.3.zipContaining latest SW version for ESN200 Display (ESN200-SB) and Electronic unit (JB70E2) and manual, Unpack the .zip and use the SW-M0XXX.tar files, do not unpack these.
SW-M008- Display software with a number of gui improvements and diagnostics improvements, improvement of TVG
SW-M010- Electronic unit software with improvements in filter, depth detction, range, TVG and noise rejection
Update using via LAN cable and Service software, ensure your PC is set up for static IP address in the same range as the unit (172.16.1.XXX)
Last updated 22.11.2019
Instruction for upgrade of Multi systems.pdfSome instruction for use with upgrade of Multi systems using the SKIPPER service software. <\BR> It is important that the software version in the screen and the electronic unit match. If you are replacing 1 unit , check you have the same software version, and if not update the older part.