data////Software//DL850X - Software for the 540kHz DL850 Doppler log (SN 07XXX-)

4 01 33 DL850 540 version.850UART driver bug has been fixed. With the heavy traffic, the byte in the output stream was lost sometimes.
DL850 software upgrade procedur May 2014A.pdf
Older versions
4 01 32 DL850 sw For 540kHz R4.01.32.EXERecomended upgrade of software for the DL850 display cabinet for the 540 kHz system. Includes bug fixes, a diagnostics screen and new speed indicator. Also a fix for the white screen problem See manual/ data bullitin for details
DL850 (540Khz) v 4 01 30 release.850
DL850 sw 4 01 31 For 540kHz.850