Read.MeDesember-21 Release notes Current version Version 1.96
SetupProjectServiceSoftware.msiInstallation file for SKIPPER Service Software, for use with ETT985 and other SKIPPER products (self-signed cert)

Welcome to the new SKIPPER Service software.

This software is designed to provide software support on SKIPPER products. The software will upgrade itself whenever something new is available, and SKIPPER development are working on methods of performing diagnostic, upgrades, and help on new and existing products. As well as news and change notifications.

If available, the software can be plugged into the supported products either directly using RS232, using an NMEA adapter or the ETT tester which contains a converter, or in newer products, via LAN. The softwares can then be used to monitor the devices and a fix, or suggest improvements.

If you want to you can make the software download all the latest softwares on to your local machine so that you can upgrade in the field.

This version currently contains interfaces to EML224 sensor, NMEA inputs and outputs and the ETT985 tester, for testing echosounders and transducers. Speed Log Compact EML224 and DL1 in addition to Speed Log Multi DL1, DL2 and DL21. Sat Log SL1200 including Sat Log Display SD21 and S2. Echo Sounder ESN100 and ESN200. IR31DIM NMEA Remote Dimmer Panel

New Products will be released with an update of this software.