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CD402CU Compact control unit with LAN and plug
CD402CU-SC Compact display Basis module LAN Plugs- 3D PDF.PDF
CD40X-XX-mounting order-ISO A4 Title Block (portrait).pdf
CU-M001 PanelPC 9 Inch display
CU-M001-SA-1246 Multi - PanelPC 9inch display-flushmount 1- mechanical diagram - for manual.PDF
CU-M001-SA-1246 Multi - PanelPC 9inch touch display-deskmount 1.PDF
CU-M001-SA-1246 Multi - PanelPC 9inch touch display-deskmount 2.PDF
CU-M001-SA-1246 Multi - PanelPC 9inch touch display-flushmount 1.PDF
CU-M001-SA-1246 Multi- PanelPC 9 inch touch display-deskmount 2-3D PDF.PDF
CU-M001-SA-1246 Multi-PanelPC 9 inch display-deskmount 2-mechanical diagram.PDF
CU-M001-SA-1520 Outline drawing.PDF
Cut out template for CU-M001-SA.PDFA 1:1 scale drawing of the required cut out and hole positioning. Print in A4 size and cut out the orange part. To be safe check one of the dimensions incase the scaling on your printer is not correct.
CU-M101 PanelPC 10.1 inch display
CD-2048-00 Wiring diagram for Mini STW.pdf
CU-M101-SA-00 Multi PanelPC 10.1 Cutout drawing.pdf
CU-M101-SA-00 Multi PanelPC 10.1 Outline Drawing.pdf
DL2SG_DL21SG Multi 100mm sensors
DL21SG-SA-1414A Outline Drawing w-Wiring ST 2014-07-02.pdf
DL2SG-SA-1414A Outline Drawing w-Wiring- For manuals.PDF
ETS transducers
ETS50 200 50200-SA-00 Outline dimensions.PDF
JB70D1 Electronic unit for DL1-Multi
JB70D1-SA mounted on wall.PDF
JB70D2 Electronic unit for DL2
JB70D2-SA-00 Outline Drawing.PDF
JB70D21 Electronic unit for DL21
JB70D21-SA mounted on wall.PDF