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DL1 DL2 DL21 Sensor oscillator error.pdf
DL2 software hangups.pdf
DL2 software upgrade.pdfInstructions on how to upgrade the DL2 or DL2 part of DL21. Upgrades of Display (CU-M001-SA), Electronic unit (JB70D2(1)-SA) and Sensor DL2(1)SG-SA
DL2 DL21 recordings.pdf
FITCHECK DL2 SENSOR.pdfA simple multimeter test of the DL2 or DL1 sensor. Measure, on the coloured cables (while disconnected) If a value is outside the limits, contact skipper for more details.
Mounting of an extra power filter to a JB70 unit.pdf
DM-I022 2205 DL2 Sensor Wiring Instructions.pdfConversion table and connection diagram for the DL2 sensor (orange cable) with old and new connections.