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EML224 release notes.pdf
EML224 v1 28 03 release.EXE
Older versions
1 27 26(2) EML224.224SW-E001-1_27_26(2) SW for EML224 Changes, version 1.27.26, Feb 2014 UART driver bug has been fixed. With the heavy traffic, the byte in the output stream was lost sometimes. Changes, version 1.27.26, April 2014 release 2 Fix of com 2 crash when restarted with high load
1 27 21 EML224 Graphic cabinet R1.27.21.EXESoftware For the EML224 Graphic cabinet (Not Compact)
EML224 v1 28 02 release.EXESW-E001-1_28_02 SW for EML224 - Fix of Heading Error bug ; W-E001-1_28_01 SW for EML224 Changes, version 1.28.01, Feb 2017 Alarm Changes-removed softkey ScreenA speed HI/LO, Screen COM removed Type and alarm ID, Relay alarm to power failure. Demo Indication-changed indication to large S. NMEA Messages integrity checks-included intergrity check on the input of GDS. Screen Presentation-"No calibration present" does not flash, messages with low intergrity shown by yellow color COM, Panel keys are lit in Standby
SW-E001-1 27 25(3) SW for EML224(3).224SW version 1.27.25 including a new function to allow the display to show 1 Axis data, or data from a DL1 sensor