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Advanced Callibration SKIPPER DL2 part 2 - 10062020.mp4
Advanced Service course Part 2 speed logs with notes- 5.8.2010.ppt
Advanced Service course pt 1 GDS101 2 with notes-20100821.ppt
Alarms Changes course.mp4
SKIPPER Electronics AS Product Presentation 20.05.2020.mp4
SKIPPER Electronics with DL2 Callibration part 1.mp4
SKIPPER Electronics with Product Presentation 10062020.mp4
Skipper Introduction course.swf
Skipper product presentation.pptx
SKIPPER Product Sales and information 20.05.2020 1.3gp.mp4
SKIPPER Technical introduction meeting.mp4
Skipper Technical product presentation 2020.pptx
ETNSLB 100mm Valve l.wmv
ETNSLB 100mm Valve s.wmv
hatsat eml224.DOC
hatsat gds101.DOC
Hatsat GDS102C - Rev01.DOC
SB100 Instruction Video-new.wmv
SB100 Instruction Video Stream pt 1.wmv
SB100 Instruction Video Stream pt 2.wmv
SB100 Instruction Video Stream pt 3.wmv
SB100 Instruction Video Stream pt 4 - new.wmv
Speed log Calibration and analysis
DL2 Calibration and processing SW1.1.1.8 3.04d.pptx
The Compact Display.swf
The Compact display2.swf
The EML Sensor.swf
The GDS101
echosounder basics21 1 2010.swf
GDS101 software 22.1.2010.swf
The Multi system
Multi introduction.swf
QT4-DL2-Windows-Demo.zipA Demo of the DL2 software version that can be run on a PC. unzip the dorectory and run the SW-M005....exe
QT5-Echo and Speedlogs DEMO V3.rarA Demo of the Multi products ESN100 , ESN200, SD21, SL1200, and some future products. Unpack , then go into the directory and select the .exe files
Integrated Navigation Systems
Implementing SKIPPER equipment into Integrated Navigation Systems (INS) using OPENBRIDGE.mp4
Skipper INS presentation 2020.pptx